High housing costs in BC can be challenging and stressful, regardless of age or circumstance.
BCREA recognizes that the housing market is a continuum, with social housing on one end and luxury housing on the other. Rental housing and market housing affordability are important components that help keep the continuum operating smoothly, ensuring appropriate housing options for all and matching supply with demand.

BCREA recommends that governments:

  1. Ensure the Property Transfer Tax accurately reflects the dynamic nature of the real estate market.
  2. Provide direct assistance to homebuyers, homeowners and renters (recommendations for the federal government).
  3. Encourage the creation of rental housing.
  4. Make evidence-based policy decisions.
  5. Encourage greater density in urban areas.
  6. Promote best practices among local governments.
  7. Ensure the Residential Tenancy Act is effective and balances the rights of landlords and tenants.

For more details, visit www.bchousingaffordability.ca.