The Professional Development Program (PDP) is the continuing education program introduced in 2006 by BCREA and our 11 member real estate boards. REALTORS® must complete 18 credits (about three courses) during each 24-month licencing period.

The PDP concentrates on REALTOR® competencies—areas of proficiency that impact success. These competencies can be “hard skills,” (tangible, definitive and measurable) like contract writing, or “soft skills,” (less tangible, more personality driven) like negotiating.

Using a three-tiered priority model, the PDP focuses on education products and services for REALTORS® that complement in-house brokerage training, real estate board offerings and other real estate related training programs.

Primary CompetenciesSecondary CompetenciesTertiary Competencies
The top priority focus of the PDP.

The “must-have” competencies every REALTOR® must master to successfully engage in real estate transactions.
The second level of PDP focus.

These competencies often relate to a specialization or area of specific expertise in the trading services, such as strata.
Limited PDP focus.

Soft skills best supported by brokerage/other training, unless explored for how they relate to the primary competencies, or the REALTOR® brand.


Every REALTOR® has unique preferences related to how, when and where they learn best. The PDP provides several formats to meet those diverse needs:

  • Face-to-face – the in-class, in-person experience.
  • Online – learn online anytime, anywhere.
  • Blended – at least one component of the course is completed online, and another component completed face-to-face.
  • Distance-based – allows learners to join real-time, virtual courses from anywhere in the province, using an online collaboration and video conference platform.

Earning PDP Credits

The PDP accreditation system recognizes several kinds of learning experiences, which REALTORS® know to be of value to their business and their clients. REALTORS® require 18 credits per two-year licensing cycle.

Category A – Mandatory Course – 6 Credits


  • BCREA offers the mandatory Legal Update course on behalf of the Real Estate Council of British Columbia.
  • REALTORS® must take Legal Update once per licensing cycle.

Category B – Formal PDP Course – Minimum 6 Credits


Category C – Informal PDP Offerings – Maximum 6 Credits


  • Recognizes informal and social learning
  • Consists of accredited real estate board education events, and other professional events
  • Each event qualifies for 3 credits
  • Optional – no Category C credits are mandatory
  • For offerings in your area, contact the education representative at your real estate board.

Accreditation Process

BCREA also recognizes some courses offered by external vendors for PDP credits. Using a task force of member board staff, as well as REALTORS®, BCREA checks the course content to make sure it meets PDP standards. If necessary, BCREA works closely with the vendor to offer recommendations and further develop the course to meet these standards.

More information, and a list of external vendor PDP courses is available here.