Residential Trading Services Applied Practice Course

Are Professional Development Program (PDP) credits awarded for the Applied Practice Course?


I still have questions. Who do I contact?

Contact BCREA’s Education Department at or the Real Estate Council of British Columbia’s Education Department at

What is the format of the Residential Applied Practice Course?

The format of the course is outlined here.

What is the price of the Residential Applied Practice Course?

The fee for either of the Applied Practice Courses is $918.75, including GST.

What responsibilities does a managing broker have to aid learners in the practical field assignments in Component Three?

Managing brokers are responsible for the supervision and conduct of new licensees as required under section 6(2) of the Real Estate Services Act and section 3-1 of the Rules under the Real Estate Services Act. However, how a managing broker chooses to supervise a new licensee is not defined by the Act and is left to the discretion of each managing broker.

The practical field assignments are designed to help new licensees develop skills related to agency, disclosure and contracts, by conducting research and using appropriate forms and resources like the Professional Standards Manual. For detailed information about the assignments in Component Three, see here.

When I’m recruiting, how should I explain the residential trading services licensing process?

Information on the licensing process is available here.